Owner and Founder
Building: CBC12600056 | Plumbing: CFC1431521
Electrical: EC13011648
Mark Odom

Mark Odom, a Certified Building Contractor, is owner and founder of Mainstreet Property Services, Inc. Mark gained much of his experience in construction. He has been in the field of design-build construction for over 10 years. Heavily involved in commercial renovations of large structures as well as new construction has given Mark a unique work experience to develop his excellent professional maintenance and repair services resume.

Mobile: 850-703-0084 | Office: 850-638-1386
Email: odom@mps-info.com

Administrative Department
Corey Odom – Chief Financial Officer
Brenda Harris – Office Manager
Kayla Carnley – Area Manager/Janitorial Operations
Kim Bush – Dispatch Operations Manager

Our administrative department has many years of commercial and residential maintenance & repair experience and can assist you with your needs in a timely manner.

Senior Technicians
Eddie Whitehurst
Cliff Kimble
Wayne Carnley

Our certified senior techs can “Do it all!” From roofing, remodeling, carpentry and repair, to flooring, plumbing and electrical. They even handle emergency break-ins and damage from vandalism.

Electrical Technicians
Michael Hudson
Brandon Carnley
Marshall Parrish
Alan Carnley

Our certified electrical technicians are cross trained and understand the needs of your business. They can perform all manner of electrical services, from outlet repair and lighting installations, to complete electrical installs.

Plumbing Technicians
Josh Sanders
Desperado York
Marshall Parrish

Our certified plumbing technicians are cross trained and have numerous years of professional experience. They can perform all manner of plumbing services, from clogged drains and sewers, to leaky faucets and pipes.

Junior Technicians
Alex Prescott
Tanner Taylor
Austin Ingram

Our junior techs are also cross trained and have multiple years of commercial and r4sidential experience.