Mark Odom
Building: CBC12600056 | Plumbing: RF11067675
Electrical: ER13015323 | Roofing: RC29027563
Owner & Founder

Mark Odom, a Certified Building Contractor, is owner and founder of Mainstreet Property Services, Inc. Mark gained much of his experience in construction. He has been in the field of design-build construction for over 10 years. Heavily involved in commercial renovations of large structures as well as new construction has given Mark a unique work experience to develop his excellent professional maintenance and repair services resume.

Mobile: 850-703-0084 | Office: 850-638-1386

Mark McEntyre
Alabama Area Manager / Senior Technician

Mark has been with MPS since its inception and has over 10 years of industry service. He specializes in large and small appliance repair and auto car wash systems and heads up our electrical and plumbing maintenance division.

Mobile: 850-658-2822 | Office: 850-638-1386

Brandon Rowell
West Panhandle Area Manager / Senior Technician

Brandon has been with MPS for over 2 years and possesses over 15 years of industry experience. His expertise includes flooring & custom bath specialist, electrical maintenance and custom renovation.

Mobile: 850-830-4031 | Office: 850-638-1386

Cliff Kimble
Senior Technician

Cliff is a Construction and Renovation specialist with over 10 years of industry experience in roof maintenance and building & repair maintenance.

Joseph Montgomery

Joseph is a drain specialist and one our more experienced technicians who handles lighting maintenance, carpet & tile, and large and small scale pressure washing.