We understand how valuable maintaining a clean and sanitized environment is to the success of your business.

Whether it is a one-time service call or an ongoing maintenance program for multiple locations, our service plans are designed to offer you the highest level of expertise in the industry.




We utilize several cleaning methods all of which are centered on our health-based cleaning system and utilize commercial-grade, HEPA certified products and equipment, such as our Hepa Backpack Vac with a 4-stage filtering system.

We incorporate a “top to bottom” cleaning strategy – working from the ceiling down to the floor to ensure that dust and germs are substantially reduced.

Light bulbs out? Faulty light fixtures? Roof leaks, damaged walls or ceiling tiles? All of our janitorial customers are automatically enrolled in our maintenance and repair service and qualify for our lowest competitive rates, which ultimately saves you money.

MPS, Inc. is always competitive and always the best value.

    • Restroom detailing every 24 hours or each visit
    • Dusting
      • H.E.P.A. Certified Vacuums that drastically reduce dust and skin cells
      • Polish/Dust all available horizontal surfaces
      • Baseboards, chair rails, picture frames
      • Cabinet facings
      • Doors, door handles, and kick plates
    • Floor Care
      • Vacuuming
    • Floors are vacuumed nightly
      • Mopping
    • Microfiber flat mop systems
    • Conventional mop systems replaced timely
    • Chemicals
      • Hospital grade cleaning chemicals
      • We use “Virex” the only state approved germicidal agent
    • Eye for detail
      • Disinfect/Wipe down patient and employee chairs (leather or vinyl)
      • Picture Frames
      • Wall hanging appurtenances
    • Alarms
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Door casings
    • Entrance door glass cleaned every 24 hours
    • Personal Work Spaces that are cleared for us
    • Kitchen Detailing
      • Includes dishes being washed and restocked from Dishwasher
      • We supply the dish washer soap packets
    • Paper supplies restocked nightly
    • Trash Can liners replaced nightly
      • Cleaning trash receptacles when needed