MPS, Inc. provides quality parking lot sealing, striping, pavement marking and repair services for commercial asphalt parking lots utilizing a combination of high quality paints and equipment and trained professionals.

We have reliably served many communities in north Florida, Alabama and Georgia and can provide you with quick turn-around and convenient scheduling from early mornings, to evenings and after business hours



Services We Provide

  • Parking Lot Design and Layout
  • Parking Lot Sealing
  • Parking Lot Striping and Drive-Thru Marking
  • Safety Bollard and Bumper Pole Painting
  • Sidewalk and parking Lot Curbing
  • Stop Bars and Directional Arrows
  • Installation and repair services are also available

Important Fact

Keeping handicap areas distinctly marked helps keep parking lots in compliance with ADA/Florida Lottery.